10 Best Small Town Ideas for City Council

Small Town Village Square

What are the best small town ideas for improving community, exercise, mental health and transportation? City councils are always looking for ideas that can make a big difference to the well being of their community while fitting in with the local culture and small town lifestyle which that town represents. Council needs to keep their citizens happy, safe and healthy while taking care of the less fortunate, homeless, those with physical or mental challenges are well. Infrastructure for recreation, policing, sports and recreation is also important to consider during budget discussions.e Square

Small towns especially have a charm that big cities sometimes lack. Fewer traffic lights and high-rises and a sense of community you can’t find in more metropolitan areas. Helping drive that community spirit and culture is always a priority.

Special bylaws and programs can be implemented to help make everyday life better for people and businesses alike. Small towns are especially great for raising kids and starting a family. Families have their own needs in terms of pre-school, elementary and high school education, sports and activities.

Popular Ideals for Small Towns

What are the most common needs shared by many small towns? 

  • Safe drinking water, clean air
  • Quiet and safe neighbourhoods
  • Hospital and emergency care
  • Seniors homes with lots of staff
  • Nice trails and dog walks for exercise
  • Door to door garbage, composting pickup
  • Policies for backyard bees or chickens

Every small town has small businesses that have their own needs;

  • restaurants / hotels / B&Bs
  • coffee shops / bakery / food truck
  • clothing boutiques
  • pet grooming/boarding
  • gym/dance/excercise studios
  • specialty or health food stores
  • hardware & electronics stores
  • automotive supplies
  • bookstore or library
  • body or massage therapists

Simple ideas, events or regulations or bylaws can help communities become more close-knit and safer. The benefits of small-town life must be weighed against a few factors like the people, infrastructure, and economic health of a community before it can be considered to be a great place to live. Bike lands, block party areas, town markets are all ideas that help people come together in their communities.

Greenspace Park and Playground

Think about how many cars you can move out of a town if you give them another option for public transportation.  What does that do for tax increases and lifestyle costs like parking permits and home prices?

If your town is a tourist destination, the population may only increase during the busy summer months. It may be just the right size overall and in terms of population for comfort and safety. 

Think if you were asked by your fellow council members: “What would you feel is important if you were elected to city council?”. What issues do you care most about? Is it bike lanes, traffic control, public transportation or parking? What about climate change issues like flooding or wildfires or the need for more electric car charging stations?

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